Auto Spare Parts Ignition Coil 33410-84z00

Auto Spare Parts Ignition Coil 33410-84z00

This 90919-02265 engine coil is equipped with advanced process, thus to make the spark plug generate a spark with sufficient energy.
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Product Feature

When the  90919-02265 engine coil is powered on, a strong magnetic field will be generated around the current, and the iron core stores the magnetic field energy. When the switching device disconnects the primary coil circuit, the magnetic field of the primary coil rapidly decays, and the secondary coil high voltages can be induced, with high performance. Due to the proper size and compact design, it is really easy for installation and there is no special need of maintaining.


Product Description

This 90919-02265 engine coil is equipped with advanced process, thus to make the spark plug generate a spark with sufficient energy. In addition, it adopts a thicker enameled wire connected to the low-voltage power supply on the vehicle, and the other end is connected to the switching device. Compared with ordinary product on the market, our 90919-02265 engine coil can change the low voltage electricity on the car to high voltage due to the same form as the ordinary transformer, and the turns ratio of the primary coil and the secondary coil is large. 


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