Why Do The Car Injection Fuel Nozzles Get Dirty?

Why Do The Car Injection Fuel Nozzles Get Dirty?

Date:Mar 22, 2021

The fuel injector is a fuel injection solenoid valve for the engine management fuel system. The fuel is injected into the cylinder through the fuel injector to the combustion chamber for high-pressure ignition, combustible mixture, gasoline (carbon monoxide (CO), hydrocarbon (HC), nitrogen oxidation (NOx)) burns and explodes and then emits.

Why it is said that the fuel injector is easy to block, and the fuel consumption is particularly high and the fuel consumption of the same type of car is too obvious. It may be that you have not cleaned the fuel injector. Generally, there will be 6 fuel injection holes in the fuel outlet. Its role is to lower blood pressure. The six eye passages are mainly to relieve the oil pressure brought by high-pressure fuel or low-pressure fuel. Usually, the low-pressure oil pressure of naturally aspirated engines is 250-300 kap (kPa). The high-pressure oil pressure of the direct-injection engine can be up to 20mpa (megapascals) when the system oil pressure is set differently according to the engine working conditions.

If the fuel injector is dirty, how will it affect your car?:

1. The engine shakes obviously at low idle speed

2. Insufficient refueling power while driving

3. The engine is noisy

4. The throttle response is slow and insensitive

5. Shifting speed is not smooth

6. Upshifts at low speeds will feel a slight lack of cylinders

If the carbon deposit on the fuel injector is serious, it needs to be cleaned, otherwise it will increase the fuel consumption of the car itself, and it will also have a great impact on the engine power. Car owners still care more about the fuel injectors. Some car owners feel that the power is weak and they will go to the car dealer or the 4s shop to ask a repairman to help wash them. If the oil is good, they can actually not be cleaned. If you really feel that the power is not enough, you usually clean the oil circuit (cleaning the fuel injector, throttle valve, spark plug inspection) within (15000-30000km) kilometers. The purpose of cleaning the fuel injector is to maintain the flow of the fuel injector and the fuel pipeline, and to prevent the generation of gel and carbon deposits from blocking the fuel injector. It is recommended that car owners can go to the 4s shop to wash the oil circuit and then do a routine inspection. This is still necessary.

Severe fuel nozzle blockage will cause the fuel pressure of the fuel supply system of each fuel nozzle to not meet the standard, and the small amount of fuel injection can not form a mist and cannot achieve the best combustion state. It is equivalent to injecting a certain amount of fuel into the combustion chamber through pressure. The fresh air in the air forms a combustible mixture. According to the working conditions of each engine, the fuel injector can inject the fuel in a concentrated manner near the spark plug (stratified combustion) or evenly inject the fuel in the entire combustion chamber (homogeneous combustion). So as to achieve the best air-fuel ratio (14.7 combustible mixture and 1 water). If the nozzles of each cylinder are blocked and dirty to the same degree, it will not have much effect, but the opposite is actually different. It has been said before that it will cause the fuel injection volume of each cylinder to be inconsistent. Although many electronic control systems cannot diagnose the unevenness of each cylinder, the difference in the air-fuel ratio of each cylinder is relatively large if it is dirty. Closed-loop control cannot perfectly adjust the unevenness, and will cause easy misfire, fuel consumption, engine jitter, and power drop (incomplete combustion).

It is recommended that car owners use a bottle of fuel oil every 15000km when refueling at the gas station, which will help clean the blockage, oxides and carbon deposits of your fuel system (pipes, nozzles, combustion chamber).

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