Injector Maintenance Method

Injector Maintenance Method

Date:Aug 11, 2019

The injector should be inspected and adjusted once every 700 hours. If the opening pressure is lower than the specified value of 1Mpa or the carbon deposit at the head of the needle is serious, the needle valve should be unloaded into the clean diesel oil and scraped with carbon chips. The fine steel wire should be used to clear the spray hole. The injection pressure difference of each cylinder of the same machine must be less than 1Mpa.

In order for the fuel injected into the cylinder of the injector to be completely burned in time, the oil supply time of the oil pump must be checked regularly. If the fuel supply time is too early, the vehicle will have difficulty in starting and knocking the cylinder; if the oil supply time is too late, the exhaust will emit black smoke, the machine temperature will be too high, and the fuel consumption will rise.

Injector needle valve coupler has high precision and the orifice diameter is very small. Therefore, the clean diesel oil of the specified grade must be selected strictly according to the seasonal changes, otherwise the injector will not work normally.

Do not collide with other hard objects when cleaning the needle valve of the injector, or drop it to the ground to avoid scratches and abrasions. When replacing the needle valve of the injector, the new part should be placed in the hot diesel oil of 80 °C for about 10 s, so that the anti-rust oil is fully dissolved, and then the needle valve is twitched in the valve body in the clean diesel oil. Wash thoroughly, in order to avoid the failure of the needle valve due to the melting of the rust preventive oil during the operation of the injector.

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