How To Clean The Car Fuel Injector Without Disassembling

How To Clean The Car Fuel Injector Without Disassembling

Date:Mar 05, 2021

This is not suitable for beginners, because it requires a deeper understanding of the engine. In addition, the right equipment and proper procedures are necessary to produce good results. However, if you want to learn the basics of how to clean the car fuel injector with a fuel injector cleaning kit, you need to know the following:

Materials you need:

Injector cleaning kit (should be compatible with your engine) cleaning solvent (should be the kind recommended by your cleaning kit)

Step 1: Connect the cleaning kit to the fuel port of the engine. To do this, please check the cleaning kit manual for the correct steps (the connection design of the injector cleaning kit varies).

Step 2: Disable the fuel pump and ensure that the fuel returns to the fuel tank. Do this by inserting the fuel return line, or you can choose to insert a U-shaped tube. Please note that once the pump is disabled, your CPU may display an error code, you can clear the code later.

Step 3: Disconnect the pressure regulator and connect the injector cleaning kit to the fuel port, turn on the ignition switch to ensure that the engine does not turn over.

Step 4: Remove the fuel cap from the fuel tank and make sure that there is no pressure build-up in the system.

Step 5: Connect the compressed air hose to the cleaning kit and check whether the fuel pressure of the vehicle is appropriate. Open the valve of the cleaning kit until it meets the fuel pressure required by the car.

Step 6: Start the engine and let it run for about 5 to 15 minutes, allowing the cleaning solvent to pass through the injector. Once the cleaning kit runs out of solvent, the engine should be shut down.

Step 7: Finally, reverse the step (disconnect the kit and start the fuel pump and fuel generator). After everything returns to normal, run the engine again and check for abnormal noise. If you hear clicks in quick succession, it means your fuel injector is working normally.

In this way, you successfully cleaned the car fuel injector

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