How Often Does The Ignition Coil Change

How Often Does The Ignition Coil Change

Date:Jan 25, 2021

Under normal circumstances, each cylinder is equipped with a set of ignition coils and spark plugs. The service life of it is generally 100,000 kilometers or even longer.

It is the most critical part of the engine's work to power the ignition step to ignite the compressed mixed fuel. The most obvious feature of the failure is the lack of cylinders, and there may be a noticeable sudden and sudden noise at idle speed. The most obvious feeling is the hand on the exhaust pipe, accompanied by severe engine shaking. When the car is running, the higher the gear, the more obvious the frustration of the car when the oil is supplied, and the smoothness of the oil is slightly better. It is the most experienced under the condition of heavy oil, and even the feeling of stalling. Of course, the car itself is very obviously know their own problems. Therefore, convenient car drivers can check the fault code in the trip computer.

The simple explanation is to allow the spark plug to "generate a spark" to ignite the part of the mixed gas in the cylinder. In fact, it is a transformer responsible for converting the low-voltage current of the vehicle into high-voltage electricity. Under normal circumstances, each cylinder is equipped with a set of ignition coils and spark plugs. They are generally replaced within 100,000 kilometers or even longer.

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If the following conditions occur, the ignition coil should be replaced

1.The cylinder corresponding will not work, resulting in idling trembling, the fuel valve is weak, the fuel cannot be added, and the fault light is on

2.It is leaking, and sometimes it shakes or may not shake when idling, but it must shake and weak when the throttle is added.

3.When accelerating, sometimes the power is cut off and the acceleration is weak

4.When the cylinders are lacking, the gasoline and air mixture in the cylinder cannot be ignited and will be discharged from the exhaust pipe. But in fact, the temperature of the exhaust pipe is very high. When the mixed gas reaches the exhaust pipe, it will burn due to the high temperature of the exhaust pipe. At this time, the combustion generates a lot of heat and will block the three-way catalytic pores in the exhaust pipe, resulting in three Catalytic failure.

5.In addition, if it is broken, the engine will vibrate severely, just like a tractor; if you give fuel, the car will be weak; it will shake and the high gear will not go up; if it is broken, the fault light will be on; When the engine trembles, the exhaust gas smells great.

There are many mysteries in the ignition coil waiting for everyone to discover and understand, and really know their usefulness. "A good start is half the battle." Even if it is a daily driving and a smooth ignition start, the car owner can have confidence in this trip, and all of this is based on a good ignition system.

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