what is the best time to change the ignition coil

Date:Feb 24, 2021

Let’s talk about the ignition coil today. It is a key component in the ignition system of a car engine. Its main function is to convert the low-voltage electricity of the car into high-voltage electricity (intermittently). Just imagine if there is no high-voltage electricity from it, the gas in the engine cylinder will not be "effectively broken down" and ignited, then our engine must not work normally! So how often is the most appropriate time to change it? Remember this point in time, at least a few hundred yuan can be saved!

ignition coil

As the car's use time continues to increase, it will gradually age. The aging ignition coil directly affects the spark plug's ability to spark! What is then caused is the intermittent jitter of the engine, accompanied by external symptoms such as acceleration and weakness, as well as "symptoms" such as increased fuel consumption and reduced power; another important point is the acceleration of carbon deposits, and the exhaust pipe of the car smokes!

How often does it change? That is to change once for 120,000-150,000 kilometers! If the car has a small number of kilometers (within 50,000 kilometers), 1-2 ignition coils are found to be faulty during maintenance, you don’t need to replace them together, just replace the broken one.

But if the car exceeds 100,000 kilometers, even if only one of them is faulty, when replacing it, they must all be replaced together to solve unnecessary worries!

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