How the air pressure sensor works

Date:Aug 26, 2019

The main sensing element of the air compressor's air pressure sensor is a film that is sensitive to the pressure of the air pressure and a thimble open control. The circuit is connected to a flexible resistor. When the pressure of the gas to be measured is lowered or increased, the deformation of the film drives the thimble, and the resistance of the resistor will change. The resistance of the resistor changes. A signal voltage of 0-5V is taken from the sensing element, accepted by the data collector via A/D conversion, and then the data collector transmits the result to the computer in an appropriate form.

The main component of many air pressure sensors is the variable capacity silicon capsule. When the external atmospheric pressure of the varactor film box changes, the thimble acts, and the single crystal silicon capsule undergoes elastic deformation, thereby causing a change in the capacitance of the parallel capacitor of the silicon capsule to control the air pressure sensor.

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