How often does the oxygen sensor change

Date:Jan 29, 2021

    In fact, there is no fixed replacement cycle for car oxygen sensors, but it is still recommended to replace the oxygen sensors in cars over 100,000 kilometers. The price of it is generally between 150-400 yuan, there are front and rear oxygen points, the owner of the self-purchasing recommends to choose the formal channel, after all, you get what you pay for.

    The front oxygen and the rear oxygen

    There are usually two oxygen sensors, the one located in front of the three-way catalyst is called the front oxygen, and the rear oxygen is located at the back. The former oxygen is used to adjust the concentration of the mixed gas, and the task of the latter oxygen is to monitor the working condition of the three-way catalyst. The pre-oxygen failure will cause the mixture to be unable to be corrected, resulting in an increase in vehicle fuel consumption and a decrease in power. Then the oxygen failure means that the operating conditions of the three-way catalyst cannot be judged. Once the three-way catalyst fails, it cannot be repaired in time.

    Also, it should be replaced in time after failure.

heated oxygen sensor

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