Common faults of oxygen sensor

Date:Feb 01, 2021

    Common failures are as follows


    Oxygen sensor poisoning is a fault that often occurs and is difficult to prevent, especially for cars that often use leaded gasoline. If it is only a slight lead poisoning, cleaning can restore normal operation. However, if lead invades its interior and hinders the diffusion of oxygen ions, making the oxygen sensor fail, it can only be replaced at this time.

    Ceramic fragmentation

    The ceramic of it is hard and fragile, and hitting with a hard object or blowing with a strong airflow may cause it to break and become invalid. So, be especially careful when handling, and replace it in time if problems are found.

    Resistance wire burned

    For the heated one, if the heater resistance wire is ablated, it is difficult to make the sensor reach the normal working temperature and doesn’t work.

    Disconnected line

    The internal circuit of the oxygen sensor is disconnected.

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